Where can I order food?

Take-away here. Orders are not considered finalized until we confirm your order.

What's the delivery menu & format?

Our away menu consists of both rotating and permanent items. Orders are delivered on Tuesday and Fridays; items may change or remain the same throughout the week. Orders will be delivered to the pick-up location and time slot of your choosing (options for location and time are available during check-out). All orders for Tuesday delivery must be placed by Monday, 3pm; all orders for  Friday delivery must be placed by Thursday, 3pm.

What are the rotational specials?

Foods that allow us to eat with the seasons! We always strive to cook with what's seasonal and local, and thus, what's freshest here in the Bay Area. Our rotational specials explore what's currently available in Northern California and what can be prepared based on these seasonal ingredients. 



Where can I purchase a ticket?

Tickets & supper calendar here. No walk-ins allowed.

I've purchased my ticket, now what?

Awesome! We'll shoot you over a confirmation email with further instructions about getting into the building.

What does my ticket include?

A four course tasting menu of different regional and traditional Korean dishes that revolve around the  specific theme of the evening; pairing of four to five beverages curated by an industry colleague to complement each dish; typical pairings include wines, cocktails, traditional Korean spirits, and beers; tax and gratuity are included in the ticket price.

What's the tasting menu & format?

Each dinner revolves around a particular idea, tradition, region, or expression of Korean cooking.  A typical four course meal may include an array of traditional fermented foods, a set of banchans (Korean side dishes), a heartier protein dish, rice or noodle dish, soup or stew, and a dessert. Most dishes are served family style. Each course is paired with a unique beverage chosen to complement the flavor profiles in both the food and drink.  Guests are seated communally and each dish will be presented and discussed by the chef. We want the format of our dinners to be as experiential as possible and emulate a laid-back, communal, social dinner party; questions, impressions, and thoughts are all welcome!

Can I get a refund for my ticket?

Tickets are non-refundable, however, they may be transferred to someone else. If you would like to transfer your ticket, please email clara@queenssf.com. 

I can't make it to dinner!

We understand things come up; kindly let us know that you will no longer be dining with us by emailing clara@queenssf.com. 

Do you accommodate dietary restrictions?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate dietary restrictions at this time.

Can I buy tickets for the entire table?

Yes! Sounds like a party! Email clara@queenssf.com to reserve your seats.